Privacy Policy
Safe & secure
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We respect your privacy. All the information shared with us by any means of communication and discussion will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Your email address, artwork, order details and any other information you provide, as well as the final product, will not be revealed, unless you decide so.

We will not give or sell your personal information to anyone else. If you give us your email and permission to send more information, you may opt out of receiving any additional email messages at any time, by unsubscribing from our email list

When you outsource website design to us there are many advantages. As a firm you need not employ staff to carry out the design and development and maintenance process.

We protect your uploaded information against unauthorized access by using multiple layers of security at physical, operative and electronic levels. For example, for our advertisers, we use only non-identifying, aggregate information (such as number of visitors to the website and not actual disclosure of individual identification).