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When you are making a website, you may be in need of PSD to HTML conversion. This is important to ensure that your website has the uniform layout that makes it appealing and interesting. While making the conversion from PSD to HTML, there are various different things to keep in mind.


Browsers Compatibility

When we are making the conversion, one of the key points that we always monitor is to look for browser compatibility. An extremely inefficient website is one that is not compatible on all browsers. This doesn't serve the use and at the same time, it hampers the reputation of the website too. This is why we do not just make a conversion, but at the same time, we see to it that the website which we will develop will operate smoothly in all browsers.


Pixels Density

Pixel density plays an extremely important role when you are changing PSD to HTML. We are skilled in handling and ascertaining the right pixel density and this aids us in coming up with the best layouts that is sure to look enticing and appealing. We are always committed to provide pixel perfect solution which is exactly same as your graphic design and compatible with all browsers.


The Image Resolution

Before mapping the change from PSD to HTML, it is crucial to check out the resolution of the Photoshop document. If the resolution of the image is not good, either it needs to be reworked or the right enhancement must be applied. If the right changes are not mapped, the final HTML file may not be what you are looking for. At Impulse Software, we take care of these details minutely because we believe that every single detail in this aspect matters because the end result should be such that it can be termed as impressive.

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