Add control and flexibility into your payroll process. Achieve accuracy and consistency to minimize risk across all systems. Spend less time on Human Resource Managements paperwork and more time supporting your organization’s strategic objectives. Human resources (HR) and Payroll are two distinct areas of your business. Companies include both HR and payroll in strategic planning meetings so appropriate goals can be established. Your human resources staff knows how to find the right employees for your business, how to implement change in workplace processes and systems and the training and development tools your employees need to grow.

Payroll is about paying people and as dealing with people is the realm of HR, this department may be better placed to deal with questions and issues arising from payroll. Many payroll issues tend to be connected with an aspect of HR such as hiring, firing, salary increases, benefit deductions and bonus payments. Your payroll staff can provide you with solutions for strengthening security and efficiency. This may include conducting internal audits to reduce the risk of fraud and developing alternatives for paying employees without information technology help in the event of a disaster.


Your focus should be on growing your business. Impulse Software HR and Payroll solutions to give you that freedom. Impulse Software Solutions helps you stay in compliance and improve efficiency and, of course, profitability. It’s a blend of easy-to-access expertise and easy-to-use tools that will help your business perform better. We aim to provide a “best payroll service” that is customer focused and that utilises technology wherever possible.

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  • April 5, 2015
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