Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces. This makes most, if not all, of ZF’s components extendable to some point. Being able to customize ZF this way allows you to create functionality that is unique to your project, but because of its object-oriented nature, you’ll be able to use this functionality in other projects as well.

Here are some compelling reasons to use Zend Framework:

  • Object-oriented Goodness
  • Use What you Need, Forget Everything Else
  • It lets you do a Lot of Things!
  • No Model Implementation – Choose your Own Adventure!
  • Integrate with Whatever you Want!
  • Guidelines and Standards
  • Community and Documentation

Zend Framework community to develop a common API to cloud application services called the Simple Cloud API. Zend Framework is simple and completely object oriented. It has become one of the foremost players on the web development market in the last few years. It is measured to be one of the best php framework to create attractive and dynamic websites and web applications. The framework is best for developing modern, robust, web services and secure web 2.0 and 3.0 applications.
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